My therapeutic work with individuals and people in relationships aims to help you resolve difficulties and work towards your hopes and aspirations.


I have worked with a range of one-to-one clients since 1992, on a wide variety of issues. These include: Life; Relationships; Work; Making Changes; Coming Out; Bereavement; Loneliness; Friendships; Work; Sex and Sexuality; Depression; Anxiety; and Anger, among others.

I am happy to work both short or longer term with people. Short term work often involves specific issues and goals. This is also true of longer term work, but can give way to a more free flow exploration of issues as they arise.

To read about what happens in one-to-one work see Resources.

Relationships Therapy

I have worked with couples and others in relationships since completing the Spectrum Working with Couples training in 2004.

This is often intimate work where people in relationships explore differences, communication styles, stuckness, and conflict as well as their goals and aspirations - with my support.

For more information about working with me individually or within a relationship please call or email me for an initial discussion.

I currently see individuals and people in relationships in the day-times only.